Steps to Add Twitch on Roku

How to add Twitch to Roku – An Easy Guide of 2021

Millions of twitch fans are exploring the web to find an easy way out on ROKU to watch their favorite twitch channel. Search engines are flooded with questions such as:

Is there an app with a twitch on Roku?

Some way you could get twitch on ROKU?

Can I watch my ROKU on twitch?

How do I get access to the twitch series on Roku?

People seem so confused about ‘how to watch twitch on Roku? ‘Because of the unhoped-for withdrawal of Roku player’s Amazon Twitch app.

Well, this post should act as a lifesaver to all; who are looking for the same kind of queries.

Let’s get started!!

Any way to get Twitch on ROKU?

Yes, by installing an unofficial app on your Roku TV, you can watch your Twitch stream on Roku, because as such, no official app or platform lets you run Twitch on your ROKU.

People love the LIVE streaming site; Twitch but there is unfortunately no officially launched Roku Twitch channel.

Someone felt this important and developed a third-party app that made it possible to watch twitch on Roku; the developer is Rolando Islas, who has done this wonderful job.

To access your favorite documentaries or stories on twitch channel, download the “Twitched” app and register with it.

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Installing Twitched or Twitched Zero for ROKU

As mentioned earlier, to add Twitch to your Roku you need to install the third-party app “Twitched.” This app is available in two versions below:

  1. Twitched- FREE of cost
  2. Twitched ZERO- PAID Version

The paid version runs without commercial advertisements, while the FREE version shows advertising on your screen. That is the only significant difference between the two versions.

The twitched app (both paid & Free version) is an unofficial Twitch Live streaming video player channel. You can watch, search, or even browse the streams you have followed.

If you have a particular choice of stream and want to see your favorite stuff, you’d better build a Twitch account and sign in to watch your favorite streams.

Look at this info.

Signing-in to Twitched Account

By creating and signing in to your Twitched account you’ll be able to use a long list of features including bookmarking your favorites and keeping your stuff organized as you like.

Considering that you have already registered an account with twitched; to log in to your account, you should click on the “Settings” option, and then “Sign in.”

Watching Twitched from Browser to Roku

You can also do it quickly if you’re watching twitched from the laptop and find something interesting and would like to watch on your Roku.

A “Twitched extension” for browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox is available. Just download the extension and you’re all set to send your Roku any Twitch stream.


You should contact the Roku error support team 24 * 7 for any more support on streaming Twitch at Roku. The experts are just a call away; they can help you to watch Twitch on Roku with any issues you may be struggling with in your effort.

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