Garmin GPS not working or Turning On _ 100% Issue Solve

Garmin GPS not working: issue solve 2021

Troubleshooting Guide: Garmin GPS not working or Turning On

There are certain common problems with Garmin GPS that could annoy you. Garmin GPS not working fine could be one of those.

So, you too are here to learn about how to fix such Garmin issues? Well, you have stuck around the right page.

If you will keep reading this article till the end, we assure you will get a sure shot fix for various common problems with Garmin GPS.

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Understanding “Garmin GPS not working properly” issue

Before we start explaining how to fix the problem, first lets us scrutinize the “Garmin GPS not working fine issue once.

Like any other electronic device, Garmin GPS devices could also be the victim of any hardware/software failure.

“Garmin GPS not working properly” is a result of any such contaminated functionality. There are certain issues that co-relate to this Garmin GPS issue. Google has reported many such issues as:


  • Garmin GPS not working properly
  • Garmin GPS Nuvi stopped working
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  • Garmin GPS not turning On
  • Garmin Nuvi Reset Pin
  • Unresponsive Garmin touch screen
  • Problem with getting GPS Signal

Got to see your searched string enlisted above? No problem even if you could co-relate to any such query but your problem is not exactly mentioned here.

This guide can still be a helping hand to fix your varied Garmin GPS issues. So let’s roll out to learn how to fix Garmin GPS problems.

Want to discuss your Garmin GPS issue with an expert? You better contact the Garmin support team.

How to fix various Garmin GPS issues?

Whenever you are facing technical Garmin GPS not working issues, you can refer to this blog.

This section will explain various solutions in a very easy step-by-step guide that you can follow to fix various Garmin GPS problems.


Reset the Garmin GPS Device

When you feel your Garmin GPS Nuvi stopped working all of sudden. You can try resetting your device once.

Now the question is what is exactly meant by “Reset Garmin GPS” and how to do this? Following read the steps to learn about it.

How to Reset a Garmin?


Reset a Garmin GPS device involves turning off the device, make changes in its settings so that a local problematic setting could be erased. And the device could start from scratch to work in the desired way.

Furthermore, the interesting fact is; you got 2 options with Reset a Garmin device and these are:

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset

Soft Reset Garmin GPS device; do the following

  • Turn off the device by the long pressing power button
  • Keep pressing until the device is off and your Garmin logo back again.
  • Release the button when the device restarts.

For any timely error, the soft reset works fine and your device will now run properly


Hard Reset Garmin GPS device; do the following

  • Disconnect the device from all other hardware (if connected)
  • Locate the tiny Reset button and the back or side of the device.
  • Long press the button with a pen tip or alike object.
  • Keep pressing until the device restarts.
  • Release the button and wait another few seconds.

Note: Hard Reset Garmin GPS device will erase all your local settings, favorites, and customizations done.

But the downloaded maps and data will still be available in the cloud. You can download it as and when required by logging into your Garmin Express.

Click here to learn more about how to download maps from the Garmin Express.


Call anytime at Toll-Free: +1-386-400-0302 to get common Garmin GPS device issues resolved instantly. 

Update Garmin Express Software

Although, Garmin not working fine sounds more of a hardware related problem. But problematic or obsolete software running on the device could also result in such failures.

Nothing to mentions every Garmin GPS device user has to interact with Garmin Express to control their GPS device and download the new map updates.

Garmin GPS works with the maps and map updates rolls constantly, so it is required for you to ke your Garmin Express software updated along with map updates.

Here is how to check if you got the latest Garmin express or not? And not then

How to update Garmin Express?

  • Connect your GPS device to the computer,


  • Launch Garmin Express.



  • If at the very first screen you got to see a message/alert for “Garmin Express Update”.



  • Here is the thing; you were working with an obsolete Garmin Express version which is bound to create problems.
  • Update your Garmin Express by following on-screen instructions.




  • Disconnect the devices from the computer.
  • Restart the GPS device.

You are good to go with your Handy navigator ready to serve you.


Contact the GPS Experts

@ +1-386-400-0302 For Instant Fix

Problem with getting GPS Signal on Garmin

Is your Device taking 4-5 minutes to get the signal locked? Don’t worry it is not that abnormal, usually, Garmin takes this much time to lock a stable satellite signal.



But this should be the case when you turn on your device for the first time of a day.

After this every time you turn it on it should take hardly a few seconds or at max a minute to grab the signals.

Time took more than this needs to be diagnosed and taken care of.



The following are a few situations and their fixes when you experience Problem with getting GPS Signal” on your Garmin device.

Don’t move until you got a lock, as the moving location will take longer to get a signal.

  • Make sure the sky is clear i.e. any rainy or foggy weather conditions could also affect the signal transmission.
  • If you are turning off your device outside your house and next turn it on (maybe) outside your office, it will take some time to catch the signal.

Turning on/off GPS devices at the same location won’t take much time to receive satellite signals.

  • Have you just finished any map update or Garmin express update?

If yes, it is normal for the device to get settled back in a longer time than usual.

  • Also if you have updated anything, it’s better to disconnect and restart your device.

So that the device can get settled with the new files downloaded.

  • The last option to try is “Master Reset” or the “Hard Reset Garmin GPS device”.

Doing this will erase all problems that were affecting your GPS device performance.

Scroll up to refer to “How to Reset a Garmin?”  Section, to learn in detail how to do the master reset.

Click here to get in touch with Garmin Connect Support people to learn more about how it could make your Garmin experience more delightful.

Garmin GPS not turning On or Garmin GPS stopped Working

If your Garmin GPS suddenly stopped working and switched off and is not turning on despite many attempts to turn it on.


There seems to be some problem with the device itself.

You should examine and check the following things to fix the “Garmin GPS not turning on” issue.

Connect the Power supply cord and turn on the power.

  • After 2-3 minutes, try to turn on the device, if it turns on that means the battery was totally out of charge.
  • Keep your device battery charged for non-stop performance.

Note: Avoid using the device when it is plugged in for charging.

Check the batteries status

  • Do you remember how old your batteries are? If the Garmin Gps won’t turn on despite you fully charge the batteries.
  • It’s high time to replace the old batteries with new ones.
  • The old batteries are most probably dead now.

Corrupted MicroSD card

Not sure if it is an SD card that is the culprit?

  • No worry, remove the Micro SD card when the device is still OFF.
  • Now try to again turn on the device, if it turns on. It was this bad micro SD card that didn’t let your device turn on.
  • Try to insert and settle the Micro SD card back at its place.
  • If it again turns off the device or the GPS device stop responding then remove this card and don use it again.
  • Your Micro card got corrupted, buy you a new one.

Reset the device

Scroll up and read the “How to Reset GPS device” to perform this troubleshooting trick once.

So, did you get a solution to your Garmin GPS not working issue“? If not, you can contact our Garmin support team anytime to get instant help.

Our experts will be happy to assist you with any Gamin map updates” support.

You can talk to our engineers at any hour of the day, they will be happy to serve you.

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