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Garmin Express registration error: issue solve 2021

Before we start learning more about “troubleshooting Garmin Express Registration Error”. First, let us take a chance to explain what exactly is Garmin Express product registration all about.

When you buy any new Garmin device you have to register that GPS device with Garmin Express. So that you can control its settings, operations, and performance.

Moreover, it is important to add your GPS device with Garmin express because that’s the only way you can get:

  • Device firmware updated
  • Garmin map updates

Garmin Express Registration process- Explained

Now read carefully and follow the below-given steps to add GPS device to Garmin Express

  • Connect your GPS device to the computer via USB cable.

  • Open Garmin Express (Considering you have already downloaded and installed it).

  • A message “Add a device” will automatically appear on the screen.

Note1: If such a message doesn’t show up, click manually on “Add a device” option

  • Express will start reading about your device and displays its name on the screen.
  • Click on the “Add device” button.

Note2: If Garmin Express doesn’t scan or recognize your device, check the following troubleshooting section of this post.

  • A new “Product Registration” Screen will show up.
  • Enter your preferred email address.

Note3: It is recommended to use the same email id that you registered with Garmin Express.

  • Click “Next”.
  • If you wish you can add any nickname for this device.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Give your consent to share “Device Data” on the next screen.

And all done, your product is not registered with the Garmin Express and can be controlled.

Note4: Get detailed instructions on “How to download and install Garmin Express?”

The above-explained Garmin Express Registration Process is the answer to all following queries as well:

  • How to register my Garmin Nuvi?
  • How to add a new device with Garmin Express?
  • Fix Garmin registration issues.
  • Troubleshooting Garmin Express problems.
  • How can I register my Garmin device?

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Some awkward Garmin Express Registration Error- Solved

Now, when you have learned enough about the Garmin Express Registration process needs to be followed while adding any new Garmin device.

Now, it’s time to learn about troubleshooting some advanced level Garmin Express Registration errors.

Not compulsory but you may face some Garmin registration errors at times. If you know in advance about how to fix them that can save you lots of time, energy and money as well.

Garmin Express unable to add a device

The most common yet daunting Garmin express Registration error is when you experience Garmin Express unable to add a device.

The simple registration process becomes never-ending as you keep on trying it time and again.

The problem could show up:

If you are a novice with Garmin Express and don’t know how to add the device. There are some Garmin Server issues.

  • Your Garmin Express is outdated.

  • Your system’s Firewall/security settings are finding your device unsafe.
  • No Internet connection.

If any of these is the reason for Garmin Express unable to add a device. You need not worry as all of these could be fixed easily.

However, if there is some other critical problem that is resulting in the Garmin Express registration error. Then you need to approach Garmin experts to get professional help.

But let’s hope you need not go that far, try out the following things. These could fix your problem:

  • To add any Garmin device with Garmin Express, you need to follow a standard Garmin Express Registration process.

Note5: Scroll up this post and refer to the section “Garmin Express Registration process- Explained”.

  • Are you trying to add a device in Garmin express and getting server error time and again? Reach out to the Garmin Express servers by going to
  • Ensure you got the latest Garmin Express version, check if any update is available for the same download it first.
  • Disable Firewall/security settings while adding a device to Garmin Express.

Note6: You should again turn on your Firewall/security settings; it’s good for your system health.

Make sure you are well connected to your network and getting good speed internet. Most probably any of these tips will work for you.

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Garmin Express “Sorry, we’re having a problem connecting to our servers”.

Another situation that could suck you up is getting Garmin Express error “Sorry, we’re having a problem connecting to our servers”.

Frankly, in this situation 99% culprit is the Garmin Server. Instead of banging your head with your devices, you better wait for a bit.

  • In the meanwhile dismiss the error and try to “Refresh to check for updates”.
  • An older version of Garmin Express is always a problem.
  • If you get to see any update available message, just follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The newly downloaded updated version will fix the error and you can easily register your device with Garmin Express.

Unfortunately, if this doesn’t work for you, try doing the following:

  • Disconnect your device from the system.
  • Close the Garmin Express.
  • Reconnect the device with the system and work with Garmin Express.
  • Try to reach Garmin Express servers at
  • If truly a server error it will go away and you will be able to register your Garmin device with Garmin express.

You are all set to work and can easily log in to Garmin connect or download any Garmin map update.

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To fix Garmin Express registration error issue.

Unable to Register Garmin Nuvi with Garmin Express

Garmin express allows a user to add as many devices as he likes to add within the same Garmin Express account.

The problem arises when you try to add your new device but remain unable to register the device with Garmin Express. It could be Garmin Nuvi, Garmin Drive Smart, or any other modal.

Despite many attempts, you get to see the server error and Garmin express couldn’t let you add it. Quite frustrating, isn’t it??

Well, don’t panic, although the situation is truly disappointing you know you can always troubleshoot such technical faults.

So, come and join the ride to learn how to fix the “Unable to Register device with Garmin Express” Error.

You should do the following:

  • Click the “Try Again” button (that shows along with the server error) multiple times. It may get you through the situation.

  • If you already have registered your device but Garmin express is not recognizing it. In such a situation, you better delete the added device and register it from scratch.

  • Make sure your device has the latest firmware installed.
  • Uninstall and re-install the Garmin Express.

  • Also, ensure you have got the updated Garmin Express version on your system.
  • Check your system settings once, a system running on the proxy server may also cause such a problem.

If none of the above options works for you, don’t feel disheartened. Check with the Garmin Nuvi support team.

Connect to Garmin Express Support team @ + 1 (386) 400-0302

To fix the Garmin Express registration error issue.


“The serial number you have entered has already been registered” Garmin Registration Error

This message appears when your device registration is already done with Garmin express but under some other account.

This situation occurs in 2 scenarios:

  • The device registered with another person.
  • The device registered with another email.

Device registered with another Person

If you have purchased a seconds hand Garmin device and trying to register under your Garmin Express account.

You will surely get to see The serial number you have entered has already been registered” Garmin Registration Error.

The process of registering an old Garmin device either bought second hand or your own device is known as Re-registering device with Garmin Express.

In this situation do the following:

  • Contact the previous owner of the device and ask him to remove this device from his Garmin Express account
  • Only then you will be able to add this device to your Express account.
  • Ask him to simply remove this device from his added Garmin device list in his account.
  • This will make it free to be added with any other Garmin Express account.

Device Registered with another email

  • Make sure you haven’t registered this device with any other email account in the past. And now you have forgotten and trying to register the same device with some new Garmin Express account.
  • If you can recall, it’s good. Use that email id to login to Garmin Express and get access to this device.
  • You can then remove this device from this account and further can add it to any other Garmin Express account.
  • If you have forgotten the login credentials, you can surely request an e-mail asking about your forgotten username or password to Garmin Support.

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