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Garmin Express not Working: mac, window 10 issue solve

Tired of ‘Garmin Express not working?

Then, stop implementing worthless fixes, and check out this troubleshooting guide, specially designed for you!!

Covering every aspect of the ‘Garmin Express not opening’ error, here in this post you can search your problem and get the exact solutions concerning it.

What Sort of ‘Garmin Express not responding’ issues are Targeted?

Before starting with troubleshooting of GPS Express not launching, look out at the different angles of this problem, we’ve focused upon.

  • Garmin Express Not Working Windows 10
  • Garmin Express won’t open on Mac
  • Fix: ‘Garmin Express won’t launch’ issue
  • Garmin Express has stopped working on Windows 8 or other higher version
  • Can’t launch Garmin Express after install
  • Garmin Express won’t open since an update
  • Garmin Express won’t load on MacBook or any other OS

If you feel your problem isn’t listed here, contact the professionals of Express application to help you search for the solution or provide instant answer!

Best Practices before Troubleshooting ‘Garmin Express not working’ Problem

Following guidelines have resolved Garmin express won’t load issue of more than 70% users.

So, it’s wise if you try them!!

Keep a Check on Garmin Express Software Update

Garmin Express software comes up with new updates frequently. So, if you are a prime user of Express application, ensure its latest version installed on your computer.

  • To install or confirm for the same, check the updates’ dashboard of your software application.
  • In case, there’s no update prompt, or you see a message, such as ‘Garmin is already installed’ it implies the application has updated automatically.


Compare System Requirements with Garmin Express Prerequisites

garmin express not working mac


Most of the time, Garmin Express does not open because of incompatible system specifications. So, go through each requirement and update it on your PC or laptop (if possible).

Note: You cannot afford to miss even single system specifications if looking for a smooth Garmin Express run.

Refer to the list according to your PC’s operating system.




  • Windows 7 or above,
  •   OS X 10.10 or above
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5.2
  • Atleast 1 GB RAM
  • Atleast 1 GB RAM
  • May require up to 20 GB free disk space
  • May require up to 20 GB free disk space
  •  1440 x 900 display
  • 1024 x 768 display
  •  High-speed Internet access
  •  High-speed Internet access

Open device manager in Control Panel to compare these prerequisites.

Inspect your Internet Connection

Before you even download the Garmin Express application, it’s important to be aware of the fact that the GPS Express requires a stable and high-speed internet connection every time you RUN it.

garmin express not working windows 10

But, what exactly to check with the Wi-Fi? To know this, read the points ahead.

  • Confirm for a stable internet connection with no data limit.
  • For download and smooth running of Map express application, ensure a good internet speed, else, the download will take forever to finish.

Note: In case, your Wi-Fi plan does not include any of these internet specifications, ask your Internet Service Provider to upgrade the subscription.

  • Once the network service upgrades, check if the “Garmin Express does not work” problem is fixed or not.Femap

For persisting, Garmin expresses not responding issues, check for the other methods, or ask for Garmin Support.

Ensure Garmin Express is not Blocked by Windows

When Garmin express not working on Windows 7 or higher, make sure none of the PCs security software blocks the application. To confirm or unblock the Garmin Express software, you must:

  • Right-click on the Garmin Express application and select Properties from the menu list
  • Next, click on the nearby ‘Unblock’ button.
  • Finally, click the OK or Apply button to save changes and exit the Window.


Note: If there is no ‘unlock’ button, it implies the Garmin Express is not blocked on Windows OS.

Garmin Express, not Working: Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Without any fuss, here we go with the basic quick fixes for the ‘Garmin Express has stopped working’ problem.

Update Garmin Express

So, you want to know why this troubleshooting is essential.

Well, it’s because the map express software supports only the latest version of the application. That means, all users with outdated Garmin express, the problem of ‘Garmin Express not opening’ will prevail over the system.

Therefore, to fix this:

  • Firstly, check on the official support page or on your application itself, and later confirm if the software update is available or not.
  • Next, install the available updates by a simple click on the ‘install’ button.
  • Once done, restart your PC and then, check if the GPS express responds to your action or not!


Click here for Garmin GPS Map update Support

Run Garmin Express as an ‘Administrator’

Unavailability of ‘Administrator’ access can be another possible reason for Garmin express not working.

So, to grant this permission:

  • Navigate to the program folder of Garmin express.
  • Then, right-click on the .exe file of the software and choose the properties option from the opened menu.
  • Next, select the ‘Compatibility’ tab and check the box with the option- ‘Run This Program as an Administrator.’
  • Finally, click ‘OK’ and in case, you get any user account prompt- Accept it.


Note Restart your system to apply the changes and fix the ‘Garmin express won’t open’ issue.

Restart Your Computer

If ‘Garmin Express will not launch’- fix it instantly with this quick fix. However, if you think- you can close the computer or laptop by holding the power button, or closing the system lid then, think again!!

As all such trials will be in vain. So, for a restart, follow the steps given below, based on your OS.

Windows 7 Windows 8.1 and Higher Mac OS/OS X
  • Click on Start Button
  • Right-click the Start button
  • Click on Apple icon in the menu bar
  • Select the arrow icon, next to the ‘Shut Down’ option.
  • Click Shut down or sign out
  • Choose the ‘Restart’ option from the menu.
  • Choose the ‘Restart’ option from the menu and wait patiently for the process to complete.
  • Lastly, select the ‘Restart’ option and let the procedure complete.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Restart’ button to confirm the action.


After this process, your Garmin Desktop Software will launch successfully.

In case, Garmin express won’t launch – don’t PANIC! As the problem relating to your Express application is quite critical for which you need to implement the further fixes one-by-one unless the problem fixes.

Change Program Location

The solution might seem silly, but it has worked already for many of Map Express users.

Hoping to help you to change the program location from the previous one, where it was installed!

Note: It’s essential because most of the time- software leaves some sort of orphan file or folder that is impossible to fix.

So, if your Garmin expresses not working or Garmin Express fails to launch on the Windows system, this solution may benefit you.

Uninstall and Re-install Garmin Express

In case, none of the above methods work, go for a simple Garmin Express re-install procedure.

And, if you want the installation error-free, continue with the steps ahead.

Note: The explained steps are for Windows operating system. However, for Mac OS, you can use the same steps although, the terms may differ.

Note: The steps explained are clearly meant for the Windows operating system. However, for Mac OS the terms may differ otherwise, the steps are the same.

  • Open the Control panel from the start menu and choose the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option from the Programs menu.
  • Next, search for the installed Garmin Express application and right-click on it to select the ‘Uninstall’ action from the available options.



  • If a prompt window opens, click the ‘Yes’ button to grant the permission for removal of Garmin Express software.



  • Once it completes, launch any browser and download Garmin Express for your computer; based on the operating system.



  • Next, double-click on the downloaded file (.exe) and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.


  • Finally, restart the system and launch Garmin express to check if the problem to start Garmin Express has fixed or not!

In case none of the above methods work for you, then reach Support for Garmin Express. Your issue will be solved without any inconvenience.


Still, Can’t Fix Garmin Express not working error

Contact Support team

Call + 1 (386) 400-0302 for instant Fix

Note:- If you have nuvi device than you must contact Specialized Garmin Nuvi Support Team

Advanced Fix for Garmin Express not working Problem

Unable to start Garmin Express after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or,

If Garmin express has stopped working suddenly, then it’s high time to resolve the issue immediately.

Problem 1: Unable to start Garmin Express after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1

When Garmin Express won’t open, try the below-explained solution to fix your problem!

Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

  • To start, type ‘troubleshooting’ in the search field and select it from the displayed menu.
  • Then, in the opened window, choose ‘View all’ from the left pane and tap on ‘Program Compatibility’ to begin troubleshooting.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to run the troubleshooter.
  • Once the issue is detected, fix it there and then!!


In case, problems during the Garmin Express launch persists- go for a more advanced fix.

 Install Garmin Desktop Software in Compatibility Mode

The best way to fix the issue is to install Garmin Express software in compatibility mode and check if that works or not.

  • After you download Garmin express from a reliable source, right-click on the setup file and tap on the ‘Properties’ option.
  • In the newly opened window, select the ‘Compatibility’ tab, and select the checkbox named- ‘Run this program in Compatibility mode.’
  • Now, install Garmin Express and later, check its functionality.

We are glad to help you further if required!!

Problem 2: Garmin Express won’t work in windows 8.1

Fix Garmin Express Not Working in Windows error with the following solutions.

Run DISM Command

To run the DISM commands,

  • Run command prompt as an administrator and type the following commands one-by-one and hit ENTER.
  • exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
  • exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  • Next, close the cmd window and check if the issue persists. In case, it does- then, implement the next given solution.

System Clean Boot

If you aren’t aware of a clean boot process then, learn here- how to fix it!!

Select your system and perform a clean boot to fix the ‘Garmin express not opening’ error.

Windows 7 Windows 8 and higher
  • Click ‘Start’ and type ‘msconfig’ in the search field.
  • Open the run windows on the system and type ‘msconfig’ in the field.
  • Next, on the General tab of the opened window, tap on selective startup. Also, clear the checkbox of the ‘Load startup’ item.
  • Then, on the General tab, go to the ‘Selective’ startup option and select it. Also, disable the ‘Load startup’ items checkbox.
  • Then, navigate to the Services tab and scroll down to choose the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox
  • Next on the Services tab of the same window, select the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox and disable all.
  • Followed by it, click the ‘Disable All’ and OK button.
  • Followed by it, move to the Startup tab, and tap on ‘Open Task Manager.’
  • Now, restart the system & check for your Garmin Express software.
  • In the next opened window, right-click on each startup item and select the Disable option.
  • Finally, restart the system and check your Garmin Express application.

Install GE app in Compatibility Mode

This solution for Garmin Express not working is already explained in Problem 1. Refer to the section for detailed steps.

Problem 3: Garmin Express Is Not Working On Windows 10

Due to an incompatible .NET framework, Garmin express will not launch on Windows 10.

So, to check for this firmware on the system & fix Garmin express not responding issue start with the following fixes one-by-one.

Delete Garmin Express Configuration File

If the configuration file or folder of Garmin Express gets corrupt, it’s time to delete them. And, for this:

  • Open the run windows on your PC and type %localappdata% in the search field.
  • Next, go to Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid folder in the opened window and right clock on it.
  • Select the Delete option from the menu and then, ‘Yes’ in the prompted window to confirm the action.


Once completed, re-launch your Garmin Express. However, if the method doesn’t resolve your ‘Garmin express not starting in windows 10’ problem, then move to the next steps in line.

Install Latest Update on Microsoft Windows

We don’t realize, but if the PC or Garmin Express software gets outdated, the Map express will stop working suddenly.

So, to fix it- don’t forget to update windows OS and Garmin express from time-to-time.

You can refer to the steps for assistance.

Update Operating System Update Garmin Express Software
  • To begin, click the start button & open the Control Panel.
  • As Garmin express is not opening, so check for the Garmin Express update on the official Garmin Express page.
  • Next, tap on the Windows Update option. In case, you are using the Category view, click on the System and Security option.
  • If it’s available, click the update button to begin the action.
  • Then, tap on the Windows Update option to check if any updates are available for your computer’s operating system.
  • During the process, you’ll be asked to provide the credentials of your Garmin account (for authentication purposes).
  • If you see it, then click on the ‘Update’ button to perform the action.

Deactivate .NET 4.6 Windows Component

When Garmin Express not working fine, displays an unexpected error, or asks for .NET framework (a specified version) then, try the following solution.

  • Open Control Panel on PC and navigate to program features option.
  • In the next step, search for the ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ option on the left pane and tap on it to open another pop-up box.
  • In the newly opened list, deselect all the ‘.NET’ items and click OK to save changes.
  • Once you deactivate the current .NET framework, it’s time to install the one prompted an error window or which is compatible with Garmin Express software.


For instance, if you are supposed to install .NET 3.5 components on your PC deactivate any other installed version on the system and install .NET 3.5 components. Later, you can see GE works fine.

Problem 4: Garmin Express won’t load on Mac

The Mac OS needs to be compatible with the latest Garmin express software else, the trouble called ‘Garmin Express does not work’ persists.

For instance, if you’re running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1, most probably your latest version of Garmin Desktop software will not work. So, to make the Express software run smoothly without causing any trouble, download Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4.

Still, Can’t Fix Garmin Express not working error

Contact Support team

Call + 1 (386) 400-0302 for instant Fix

Problem 5: Garmin Express won’t open since an update

If Garmin express won’t open after an update, then the steps below may help correct the issue.

  • Open run window and type ‘services.msc’ in the search field.

Garmin Express not working


  • A window will open after you hit ENTER on the keyboard. Search and right-click on the Garmin Core update service option.



  • Next, select ‘Properties’ and tap on the ‘Log on’ tab.
  • Then, click on the ‘This account’ radio button type ‘Network service’ in the field of account. Also, make sure you remove all passwords from the provided fields.



  • In the next three prompts, then click on the OK and apply button to save the changes.
  • Lastly, right-click on ‘Garmin Core Update service’ and select ‘STOP.’ Again, repeat the step but this time, select the ‘Start’ option from the sub-menu


Garmin Express not working


  • This will surely fix Garmin express not working In case, after applying these steps or signing-in as ‘Administrator’- if nothing changes then, follow the next method.

Disable all Security programs like anti-virus and firewall

Sometimes, a third-party program or features like an installed anti-virus or systems’ firewall- block the path of Map Express application.

To fix this, you must disable all such security programs for the time Garmin Express won’t launch.

Check out the steps, if you need help in this regard.

  • Navigate to the control panel and choose Microsoft Security Essentials from the list
  • Next, tap on Settings -> then, Real-time protection option to move onto the next page.
  • On the right pane, clear the checkbox names “Turn-on real-time protection.”
  • Lastly, click on the Save Changes button.

Your Map Express Software is all ready to start!!

Problem 6: Can’t launch Garmin Express after install

Malware like ‘ROGUE’ can be the possible reason for Garmin express won’t open issue.

So, to remove this malware and resolve the ‘updated Garmin Express won’t open’ error- use registry editor.

Note: The registry key tells the windows to remove the hidden malware from the operating system and launch the application.

You need to be good technically for implementing this method. Otherwise, use Registry Editor at your own risk.

  • To begin, create a backup of registry files and then, open the RUN window.
  • Type ‘Regedit’ in the search field and press ENTER.
  • Next, right-click on ‘Computer’ and tap on the Export option to save the backup.

Note: You’ll be asked to give your file a name and select its desirable location.

  • Once you click on the save button, the registry editor will not work unless the backup process completes.
  • And, the time registry editor starts responding- delete the affected key.
  • Now, Expand Computer, Expand SOFTWARE, Expand Microsoft, Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Expand Windows NT, Expand Image File Execution Options, and Expand Current Version.
  • If present, right-click Express.exe, GarminTray.exe, and GarminService.exe one by one. And, choose to delete and confirm the option to let the action complete.
  • Now, close the Registry Editor and re-launch the GE software.

Important: In case, you get the error- file doesn’t exist, the problem is most probably with your operating system.

Problem 7: Garmin Express doesn’t Launch

If the Garmin Express launch shuts down instantly with the following error message, we recommend implementing the solutions given ahead.


Garmin Express not working


  • Delete the folder Garmin_Ltd._or_its_subsid (manually) to remove the infected configuration file or folder).
  • Install a new .Net frame (manually)

Note: For the detailed steps of these resolutions, check out the solution given in Problem 3.

The post above has solutions for all Garmin Express, not working problems.

Still, Can’t Fix Garmin Express not working error

Contact GPS Support team

Call + 1 (386) 400-0302 for instant Fix


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