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Garmin map update: download issue solve 2021

Issue solve: Download Garmin map update

When you cant download and install Garmin map update through Garmin Express or any other reliable source- read this guide to help fix your problem.

Cant-Download Garmin map update

What’s included In the Guide:

Garmin map update failed to download on Windows 10: The error mainly occurs when you update Windows 10 firmware. Because, sometimes, upgrading windows 10 alters certain files of the Garmin Express software. In such a case, reinstall Garmin Express is the only solution in hand.




Error download Garmin map update (issue in Mac): Some of the solutions are updating Garmin maps on windows to confirm the error-source and disable security software like firewall, installed anti-virus, or windows defender



Fails to download map update on Garmin device itself: Working on incompatible mode can the major reason for map update not downloading on your device! So, try to change your Garmin device from MTP to mass storage mode.



No map update showing on the device: Last but not least, when you can’t see the map update on Garmin updater- then, either the maps have updated automatically on your device or you haven’t upgraded the updater firmware. So, check out your possibility and fix it!

Garmin map update download error on Windows 10/8/7

In the following three scenarios, Garmin map update fails to download:

  • Garmin Express is not opening
  • Garmin map update takes forever to download i.e. the process doesn’t complete even after days
  • You get an error code with a message- “Can’t Download Maps update through Garmin Express”

If you are in any of the above or similar situations, fix it with the following explained resolution:


  • For Garmin Express not working on Windows 10 or any other compatible version, ensure you haven’t updated the windows version recently.
  • If you did, then uninstall Garmin Express by entering Control Panel-> Programs-> Uninstall Program link.
  • Next, select Garmin Express from the list and press the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • Once Garmin express uninstalls, scan your Garmin express installer file. If the file is found suspicious, download Garmin Express from a secured source. Else, you may reinstall Garmin Express on the system.


Note: This action is required because sometimes, upgrading the windows version may alter the installed files of the Express program.

  • Secondly, when you cant download the Garmin map update completely even after hours of wait-then, disable all the security software temporarily.

For instance, firewall, installed anti-virus, and windows defender


Note: The action will stop taking more than usual time to complete map update download.

  • Thirdly, if you see an error message similar to this one: “Garmin Express map update download fails,” then:
    • Make sure you restart your PC, to install any available automatic Garmin Express software update
    • If the error prevails even after the Express firmware update completes successfully, then restart your PC. As soon as the system restarts press the F8 key at an interval of 1 second.
    • After displaying hardware information and completing a memory test, you’ll see ‘Advanced Boot Options.’
    • With arrow keys, scroll down to safe Mode-> then, Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter.
    • Your PC will start in safe mode with networking. NOW, download the Garmin map update using Express software successfully.
    • Besides this, if you cant download the Garmin map update on a Micro SD card, ensure it has sufficient space. Otherwise, use an alternative or create space in the SD card.



Still Not Able to Download Garmin Map Update?

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Unable to download Map Update on Mac OS

The reasons- which trigger the ‘Garmin map update won’t download’ error include:

  • Old and outdated Mac Operating System
  • Corrupt Garmin Express Program
  • Network or Internet Problem
  • Insufficient Space in Garmin device, SD or Micro SD card


  • Install or update the Mac Operating System to X 10.11 or higher version. If already using the newer Mac OS, then scan Garmin Express software.
  • If the scanned Garmin Express program suspects any malware: download Garmin Express again from a reliable source and replace it with the already installed software.
  • You may even go for a repair option using Control Panel. However, it is highly recommended to reinstall the Garmin Express application.
  • Next, check for sufficient space in download sources like Micro SD cards.

If the space available is less than that of Garmin map update file size then, either change the download source or create more space by deleting the unnecessary files.

However, if Garmin stuck on downloading update due to a network issue- fix it with the following steps:

  • Restart your router as it may be overload or try downloading the Garmin map update after a while (as the server may be down).
  • Next, reset your router to restore default factory settings. For this, press the reset button on the router’s back or side (varies from router to router)


Note: Once the router is reset, login to set up your network again

  • While you set up the router, ensure networks are assigned different SSID names. Other things to change in the list include: security options and DOS protection



  • If the error persists, troubleshoot your network and find out if the Internet you’re using is stable or not!
  • Other than this, keep your device close to the router as sometimes, distance is the major reason for losing connection.
  • If the download Garmin map update fails, go to the download section on your PC. Then, search and delete the partially downloaded Garmin map update file.
  • Important: This is necessary because a partly downloaded file may also stop the clean download of the map update on Garmin express.

At last, if you still can’t download the Garmin map update, then let GPS Experts help you resolve the error.

The issue to download Map Update on Garmin device itself

If you get stuck on preparing the device for Software or map Update, troubleshoot the error with the following steps:

  • Start by disconnecting your Garmin device.
  • Then, restart the device and switch it from MTP to Mass storage mode.

Note: This is necessary for Win 10 as the OS doesn’t work with MTP mode.

  • In detail, open the volume screen on your GPS device. Then, press and hold your finger at the upper right corner of the screen for around 10 seconds.
  • As soon, you see the developer screen, search for MTP settings, and tap on it.
  • You’ll see MTP Auto Detect, Mass Storage, and Mass Storage Single Session.
  • Select Mass Storage and press the save button.

Finally, try downloading the Garmin map update on the device itself.


Points to Remember for Smooth Garmin Map Update Download:

  • While Map update download, don’t access the device.
  • Secondly, do not unplug your Garmin device from your Desktop or laptop unless the update download finishes.
  • Even after Garmin map update download completes, ensure a safe and secure unplugging
  • Last but not least, maintain a consistent and high-speed Internet connection if you’re still finding it impossible to download the Garmin map update.

No Map Update showing on Garmin Software or Device

In the worst scenario, if the Garmin map update is declared for your device but you can’t see any of the updates, then first check your Garmin express software.

Note: If you’re using an outdated Garmin updater, the software will no more function normally.

After that, you’ll be allowed to download the Garmin map update on your device!!



If you still cant download map update?

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