Cannot Unlock Map Garmin: issue solve 2021

Got “Cannot Unlock Map Garmin” or “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error?

Still exploring the internet to find some appropriate troubleshooting guide on “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error.

Well, your search ends here, read this article till the end to Unlock Garmin maps & get your Garmin to unlock maps problem fixed.

We assure you will learn more about various Garmin map update issues and their instant fixes.



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Didn’t see your problem enlisted here? No problem, call the Garmin Map update experts and explain your problem to learn best possible solution to your problems.

Universal Troubleshooting Tricks to fix “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error  & Unlock Garmin maps

Find Garmin Unlock Codes to Unlock Garmin maps

If you get “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error out of nowhere, you can fix it by finding Garmin Unlock codes. This will surely get you out of the bind.



Here is how to get and use them to fix the “Garmin unlock maps problem”.

  • Go to your Garmin account.

  • Find your unlock codes( Call 888-250-4888 for Garmin unlock codes)


  • Now, connect your GPS device to the computer.
  • Create a file gm approx.unl



  • Paste all the unlock codes one by one (one code in one line).


  • Open the Garmin folder in your Garmin GPS device.
  • Save this file into this folder.
  • Restart the device.

This probably will fix the issue you won’t get to see that irritating Error again.


Click here for Garmin GPS Map update Support

Or Call + 1 (386) 400-0302

Check with Garmin Express Software Version

Garmin map updates are launched many times in a year. Make sure you have got the updated Garmin Express installed.

Yes, don’t be confused, an updated Garmin Express application is vital. The obsolete version may or may not download the maps.

But users working with old versions tend to get Garmin Express not opening’, “Map Update fails to install” or, “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error or alike.

  • To get the latest Garmin Express, check with the official support page
  • When you launch the Garmin Express application on your system, you will get the message for updates (if available).



  • Simply click on the “Install” button to start the process.
  • Follow all on-screen instructions.
  • Wait until you get the final “Updated” sort of message.

Don’t forget to restart your system after updating the Garmin Express application.

Need more help with Garmin Express Support?

Check Your Internet Speed

Not to mention that all download demands good internet speed. The same is with the Garmin map updates downloading and installing.

Make it a thumb rule to check the internet speed before even you visit

Check the following to ensure you will get the Garmin map updates downloaded in just one go:

  • Ensure you got the fast and uninterrupted internet speed.
  • You are not working with a limited data plan.
  • A perfectly settled and well connected Wi-Fi network.

Missing any of these criteria can result in downloading incomplete or incorrect map update files. That may result in showing “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error.

The worse result could be Garmin express not launching or Garmin map update takes forever to finish.

There are few more random tricks that you could try to use first hand when you first get any Garmin map update problems or any Garmin map error. These tricks are as following:

  • Close and re-launch the Garmin Express software.


  • Disconnect and reconnect the Garmin GPS device from your computer.
  • Connect the GPS device with the computer via USB cable only.
  • Restart your computer and GPS device once.
  • Remove and re-insert the memory SD card.
  • Use an alternate browser to visit com/map updates

Most probably any of these Garmin map update troubleshooting tricks will work to resolve the Garmin map update problems.

These tricks will work only if the error/problem in a timely glitch and not any critical one.

If the problem still persists you can contact the experts to get the required Garmin Connect Support.


Stuck with locked Garmin maps? You can easily get rid of locked Garmin map errors by unlocking them. Call the experts to learn about how to do this.

Unable to Fix the Issue Kindly Call + 1 (386) 400-0302

For Garmin Map Update Support

Critical “Can’t Unlock Maps” situations and their Fixes.

There are times when you face some critical Garmin unlock map error situations. Those are not easy to understand and fix in the first instance.

The following sections will highlight such a few advanced level Garmin unlock maps problems. We will also make you understand the reason behind the issues and will provide you with instant fixes for the same.

Garmin Cannot Unlock Maps SD Card

Don’t feel surprised, an SD memory card could also be one of the reasons for producing the “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error.

Let us first understand the reasons behind the bad behavior of the SD memory card:

  • The memory SD card is not installed or inserted properly in the device.
  • The installed memory card could have got a map that is not compatible with your current device.
  • You copied the map from one device to another instead of downloading it.
  • Corrupted map data files.
  • The installed Garmin map couldn’t find unlock information.

Now, let’s move further to learn how to fix the Garmin cannot unlock maps sd card issue raised because of the above-enlisted reasons.

  • Start with removing and inserting the SD memory card again and restart the device.



  • If you have had used this SD memory card on another device and installed some maps. These maps may need unlocking for your current device.



Or you better delete those maps while using it in your current device.

  • Was it an SD card with preloaded maps? In this case, you better contact Garmin support to learn better about this.
  • Copied maps from another device may also malfunction, delete the copied maps and install them directly from com/map updates



Following these steps will most probably resolve your Garmin unlock maps problem if it existed because of the corrupted SD memory card.

To get more help on Garmin map updates Support, contact the Garmin Maps Update Service.

“Can’t Unlock Maps” Error after update

Can’t unlock maps message after update with windows 10

This section will explain both the “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error after update and

“Can’t unlock maps message after update with windows 10” error.

Unfortunately, both situations are counted as critical Garmin map update problems. But fortunately, we could explain various possible fixes on this even.



Let’s dive in to learn more about this.

If you are sure that this error has occurred only after you have run a GPS map updated. Then you need to check the following:

  • Cross check and ensure you have downloaded the correct map update.
  • There shouldn’t be any other conflicting map already installed on the device.
  • The current version of the map shouldn’t be corrupted. Else delete the existing version and then download the updated version.
  • Are you sure that the internet connection was interrupted? Because a slow connection or the interrupted connection may result in downloading corrupted files.

Or some files may be missed due to a broken internet connection

  • Is the GPS device compatible with the updated map version? Check with the Garmin map update support team, when you find everything Ok. But still getting “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error on Garmin.


Unable to Fix the Issue Kindly Call + 1 (386) 400-0302

For Garmin Map Update Support

Don’t Rush to disconnect the GPS device from the Computer

Did you just disconnect the device immediately after seeing the “Complete update” sort of message? Here you are the culprit for creating all this mess of getting Garmin map updates error.

Yes, don’t get it wrong, understand this in detail. Once you get the “Map update complete” message on your device screen. Even after that, it takes a few seconds to get everything properly installed on the computer or GPS device.

You need to give enough time to let the new files get seated well on the device. Disconnecting hardware from each other in a rush will rob this time.

And the Perfect Garmin map update may end up a disaster and showing a “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error.

It is better to safely remove your device from the computer with its consent. The following check out how to do this:

  • Wait few seconds after the Garmin map update download is completed.
  • Click on the “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” option, in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “show more icons” button, if you do not find it.
  • Select your connected Garmin device.


  • Wait for the computer message to confirm if it is safe to remove the device. It will display a busy message if the downloading or installing process is still going on.
  • Wait until you see the “It is safe to remove” message.



  • You may unplug your device then.

Cannot unlock maps. Garmin Maps are corrupted and cannot be used

Unable to understand, why the Garmin map cannot unlock? When download and installation process went really well.

Don’t panic, even if you download the correct map for your GPS device with a good speed internet, it may still end up in a blunder.

To shook away the error message “Cannot unlock maps. Garmin Maps are corrupted and cannot be used” you can try with the following suggestions.

  • Delete/uninstall the Garmin map update that you just did. And Go to to download the latest maps again.


  • Check if you have downloaded the authentic Garmin map update.
  • The Internet is flooded with pirated map updates. That in no case works on Garmin Nuvi or other GPS devices.

Sometimes windows consider few file extensions unsafe for the system. So despite of complete download it locks the map and gives the error “Garmin Maps are corrupted and cannot be used”.

  • For example, windows consider “.img” files risky for the system disk. To fix this problem:
  • Download the Garmin map update on the computer and then manually transfer the files on the GPS device.

This will make go the “Can’t unlock Map message and you can use the latest map.

We are pretty sure this troubleshooting guide for “Can’t unlock Map” will definitely work for you.

Share your experience with us and other readers via writing in the comment section underneath.

Also, do not hesitate to ask any query or doubt with Garmin map update cost, Garmin map update, Garmin map updater. We would love to answer all your queries.


Unable to Fix the Issue Kindly Call + 1 (386) 400-0302

For Garmin Map Update Support

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